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Handmade Dumplings

I have quite a fetish for asian dumplings. Dumplings of all kind really. Dim Sum has been a family tradition since before I could remember. Daddio would pack us all up in the car, what seemed like a small bus, and head out to our favorite spot near our second most favorite place, the movie theater.

We’d all jam in the car and scream with anticipation. When we’d finally arrive, doors open, to a room full of people looking back at us: ten or so large white people. Not the most usual site back in the 1980s at a small Dim Sum spot.

Long story short. I LOVE DIM SUM! I’ve been developing recipes, practicing filling combo after filling combo.  However, the one thing I’ve yet to do: make my own dumpling wrappers!!

Well no longer! I did it, and I have to say it was mildly frustrating, didn’t yield all that much considering the amount of work, but completely worthwhile and satisfying.

They just taste that much better.

I didn’t really follow a recipe, as I usually don’t. I did read a few and just went for it! I made the dough in the same fashion you would make pasta. start with three cups of flour and make a well in the center of the mound. Start mixing together and once it’s balled up, kneed, kneed, kneed!!! There’s a lot kneeding involved.

I do recommend using a food processor if you have one, which I do in fact have. However, I like to keep it old school!

Happy Eating!

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