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New Slipper Project

So I was sliding around my wood floors yesterday and realized “wow these slippers are getting a wee bit too old.” The thing is that they work, I’m all about function. All about making things work until they don’t work! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I’ve lived by that for too long with these.

So the time came, well multiple times, when I had to stitch up the soles of these slippers. I realized, they’d seen better days and thought “hey noah, you make things, you work with leather. Why not make a new pair?”

There she blows. Two hours later and some minor mishaps, and I was left with one comfy pair of house slippers.

Here’s some tidbits on how it all went down. First off, I got to ripping! I literally ripped the soles right off those slippers. Boy was that a stress reliever!

After flinging dirt and debris all over my studio. I cleaned up a bit, being a neat freak and all. Cut out one side of the original slipper as well as trimming up the extra bulky soles that used to have a life and made them anew.

I set out to make my own pattern from the old piece of the shoe. I made some modifications and re-envisioned the end product. Think Bedouin tent dweller.  Sewed the two pieces of the shoe together. Reused the sole as well as the foam padding of the original and sewed those together with a fresh leather insole.

After that was the fun part, sewing the top to the sole! Not so fun. Pretty difficult and there’s where the missteps occurred. Oh well, they’re just a fun project after all. 

Have fun and never be too serious!

Handmade Dumplings

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