1951 Eau de Parfum

1951 Eau de Parfum

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1951 is inspired and dedicated to my father. I realized it was because of him I began collecting fragrances at a young age. A fragrance was always sitting in his car at the ready. He dreamed of bringing a product to market when he was in business and after his passing, I determined to bring one of his dreams to reality. 1951 was born out of this dream and is also the year he was born.

This determined eau de parfum is herbaceous, animalic, musky and evokes the feeling of being taken in the woods, passionately and fervently. It is our dream that this scent permeates your life and those that are honored to waft in your presence. We hope that people won’t be able to get you out of their head and they want to rip your clothes off as feverishly as they can.

Enjoy Responsibly!

100% organic fragrance | Juniper Berry | Coriander | Texas Cedarwood | Fresh Dirt | Peppercorn | Sandalwood |Ambrox | Vetiver

Leather, glass, nickel hardware.

Made in the USA.

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